iLASIK LogoThe field of vision correction is an exciting place to be in right now; Berg·Feinfield Vision Correction is at the forefront of new vision correction treatments. For patients who desperately want to improve their vision without glasses or contacts, vision correction options have never been more numerous or diverse.

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Vision correction procedures, as the name indicates, treat vision errors to create an eye that functions normally, producing clear, natural vision without the aid of glasses or contacts. Patients suffering from the effects of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism can undergo treatment for an almost instantaneous improvement. Amazing advances in vision correction technology have allowed an even wider range of patients to benefit from these procedures. This means that patients with more severe vision impairments are no longer excluded from LASIK and other vision correction treatments. What may not have worked for some patients even a few years ago may now produce perfectly clear vision, thanks to amazing advancements in vision correction technology.

LASIK Laser Vision Correction

Thinking about having LASIK surgery? There are many options to correct your vision these days and choosing the right procedure for your specific situation is extremely important. The first step in making any decision about vision correction is to ask your doctor about which LASIK procedure is right for you. Call Berg Feinfield Vision Correction today to schedule an appointment and we will help you determine a plan to achieve better vision. To learn more about the different types of LASIK surgeries and what your options are, click on the links below.

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