Glaucoma Causes & Risk Factors

The eye, being a round and hollow structure, needs pressure to maintain its shape and therefore its function. The fluid called aqueous humor is produced in the eye then drained out by the drainage system of the eye called the trabecular meshwork (TM). The TM may get blocked thereby restricting drainage and cause an elevation in the eye pressure. An abnormal increase in eye pressure can cause glaucoma and damage to the optic nerve.

Glaucoma Evaluation

Glaucoma is a disease that can strike anyone. There are some risk factors that may increase one’s chance of developing the disease.

They are the following:

  • Anyone over the age of 60
  • A family history of glaucoma
  • African Americans, especially over the age of 40

A complete eye exam will reveal more risk factors such as high eye pressure, optic nerve abnormalities, and a cornea that is too thin.