Can I Avoid Dry, Itchy Eyes this Winter? 

The dry winter air can mean dry, itchy, and irritated eyes. If you notice your eyes are made worse by situations indoors and outdoors during the cold weather months, there are ways you manage your discomfort and keep your eyes moist. Keep reading to learn how you can avoid dry and itchy eyes this winter!… Read More

You Can Afford LASIK with These 10 Creative Ideas

You Can Afford LASIK with These 10 Creative Ideas

Even if you know LASIK is life-changing, you may be concerned that you will not be able to afford it. However, there are many ways that you can budget to make your LASIK dream a reality. For example, you could create a budget plan or try a side hustle to earn extra money. You’ll have… Read More

How the Best Cataract Surgeon Can Change Your Life in Burbank

If you’ve been living with cataracts long enough for them to affect your vision, you are putting up with vision problems that are a simple fix. During cataract surgery, your aging and cloudy natural lens will be removed and replaced with an IOL. It’s easy same-day surgery with a quick recovery time and can change… Read More

Are There Advantages to Choosing Laser Cataract Surgery?

Recent advances in cataract surgery have opened up many exciting possibilities for those ready for the procedure. Whatever option you choose, you won’t have to live with compromised vision anymore due to the clouding of the eye’s natural lens.  At Berg-Feinfield, you can choose between traditional cataract surgery and computer-assisted laser cataract surgery. Your eye… Read More

6 of the Best Eye Care Tips to Follow in Hot Weather

Most of us are most active in summer. As the temperature rises, you may engage in activities that could potentially affect your vision.  Follow these six tips to protect your eyes and your sight in the hot weather! 1. Drink Enough Water Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body depends on water to function… Read More