Should I Consider a Premium IOL If I’m Having Cataract Surgery?

Cataracts form in the lens, making it become cloudy. The only way to treat them is to remove the entire lens during cataract surgery. Before modern cataract surgery, this left patients without any lens in their eyes. They had to wear very thick glasses to see again. But thanks to modern medicine, your lens can… Read More

How Will I Know I’m A Good LASIK Candidate?

LASIK can be life-changing. For so many people, LASIK means freedom from glasses and contacts. But how do you know if you’re someone who can get LASIK? How do you know if LASIK is safe for you? Here’s the good news: most people are good candidates for LASIK. Over 80% of people who go in… Read More

Will Having Cataracts Hurt?

Cataracts are an eye condition that many people have to deal with as they get older. There are a variety of eye conditions that older individuals are at risk for. Cataracts are probably the most common eye condition. The good news is that they present very few symptoms early on and don’t cause any physical… Read More

What Makes The Cost Of LASIK Worth It?

If you’re sick of wearing glasses and contacts, you may have already considered having LASIK. But LASIK can be a bit expensive, so it’s definitely something you want to think over. Here’s the thing: the price of LASIK is usually worth the results. Over 90% of LASIK patients report satisfaction with their results. Not only… Read More

Can Having Dry Eyes Stand In The Way of Cataract Surgery?

Cataracts are a common eye condition in adults over the age of 40. Cataracts can also severely affect your vision. They develop slowly but they can eventually make it almost impossible to see. When fully developed, they even cause total blindness. The good news about cataracts is that their visual constraints don’t have to be… Read More