What Are The Side Effects Of LASIK?

LASIK surgery can be a complete game changer. If you’ve lived your life with glasses or contacts, being able to see completely unassisted is a whole new world.

Many people have heard of LASIK and have considered it, but have some reservations. Any surgery can make a person a little nervous, but there’s nothing to fear with LASIK.

The surgery is quick and painless. There are a few side effects you may experience, but they are treatable.

Because LASIK is so safe, there are very few complications to worry about. Still, it’s good to know what the common side effects are before getting LASIK!

Blond woman using eye drops

Itchiness And Irritation

One common complain patients have after LASIK is that their eyes are itchy or irritated. This is normal and the feeling will usually go away after a few days. While it takes months for the eye to completely heal, most side effects of LASIK go away in a matter of days or weeks.

It’s important not to scratch at or rub your eyes even if they itch as this can worsen symptoms. If the irritation persists and does not get better, contact your doctor. You could have an infection or another complication.

Light Sensitivity

Immediately after surgery, you are likely to be more sensitive to light. Like the itchiness and irritation, this should go away in a few days.

Even if it feels like your eyes are back to normal, you’ll need to wear sunglasses while outside. This will help protect your eyes from sun damage during the healing process. Think of all the new options for sunglasses you’ll have when you say goodbye to glasses after LASIK!

Visual Disturbances

After the initial sensitivity wears off, some patients report seeing halos and glare. These could last for a few months after LASIK. It’s also common to experience hazy vision or difficulty seeing at night.

These disturbances may be alarming, but they are usually harmless. Once your eyes have healed they should go away. If you continue to have these disturbances after you’ve healed, contact your doctor.

Dry Eye

Dry eye is one of the most common side effects after LASIK, but it doesn’t happen to everyone. You may be at a higher risk of dry eye if your eyes don’t produce enough tears before LASIK. Before getting LASIK, if you have dry eye, you should get it under control before the procedure.

Your eye doctor at Berg-Feinfield Vision Correction can prescribe eye drops to help. You can also take nutritional supplements to increase the moisture in your eyes. You may still get dry eye and feel your eyes are dry, gritty, inflamed, and itchy.

Some of these symptoms are normal side effects from surgery, making it harder to tell if you have dry eye. But if symptoms persist and eye drops don’t treat them, consult your doctor. You may need an appointment at Berg-Feinfield Vision Correction to treat your dry eye.

Want to know if LASIK is right for you? Contact Berg-Feinfeld Vision Correction and schedule an evaluation at one of our locations!