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Wavefront Surgery : Surgeons offer the latest technology

At Berg·Feinfield Vision Correction, we’re 100% committed to innovative technology. We believe that better LASIK technology means better LASIK results, and less risk of side effects, complications, or discomfort. Our eye equipment is state-of-the-art and designed for effectiveness, precision, and safety. Dr. Berg and Dr. Feinfield maintain a strong presence in the eye care community, seeking constant updates on new techniques and equipment. If there’s something on the market that we believe can increase your chance of clear vision and promote safety, you can bet it will become part of our practice. Take a look at these technological advances that have given Berg·Feinfield Vision Correction patients an edge:


The innovative Wavefront system that accompanies the VISX Star 4 laser, is designed to measure higher order aberrations in your vision. Now, unique vision characteristics previously undetectable can help us custom design your LASIK procedure. Through careful and highly detailed analysis of your vision, we are better able to meet your vision needs during your treatment. With the help of the WaveScan the diagnostic WavePrint Map, your doctor can determine and evaluate how your optical system operates, and what can be done to improve the process through pinpoint accuracy with the VISX Star 4 laser.

VISX Star 4

The VISX’s Star 4 laser is the most technologically advanced laser with a precision never before seen. Using flying-spot and eye-tracking technologies, the Star 4 can produce vision results that may not have been possible with other lasers. This FDA-approved medical marvel has helped thousands improve nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism during LASIK treatment. The Star4 is also FDA-approved for utilization during the increasingly popular CustomVue LASIK procedure. Learn more about the VISX Star 4.


With CustomVue LASIK, patients have the advantage of a LASIK procedure that is truly tailored to fit each nuance of their vision. With help from the high tech Wavefront mapping system, your vision system is translated into a series of components and evaluated according to the unique imperfections in your eyes. Your LASIK surgeon uses this valuable information to program the VISX Star 4 to target the unique imperfections for unbelievably accurate vision improvement results. Technologies such as the ActiveTrak 3-D Eye Tracker work together to give you an unparalleled LASIK experience. Learn more about CustomVue.


WaveScan is utilized during your vision diagnosis to thoroughly identify any imperfections in your vision system. Said to provide 25 times more precision than previous methods, the WaveScan technology gives LASIK doctors a truly inside view of patients’ optical systems, allowing them to more accurately treat vision disturbances. The WaveScan data is compiled for your doctor in a WavePrint report, then sent to the VISX Star 4 laser to deliver amazing CustomVue LASIK results. Learn more about WaveScan


LASIK is a two-step procedure. During the fist step, your doctor must make a flap in the corneal tissue so that the laser can correctly reshape the cornea and provide you with better eyesight. To create this flap, your doctor can now use the precision of the Intralase laser. Learn more about Intralase.

The Intralase laser is has a major advantage over the traditional microkeratome tool used because the Intralase laser is far more precise, allowing the doctor to provide with an even more custom and precise LASIK procedure.

Iris Registration Technology

Berg·Feinfield·TLC© Vision Correction also employs iris registration technology. Iris registration allows the ophthalmologist to have a much more accurate interpretation of the eye, and correct the eye's inaccuracies in a much more precise way.

Iris registration technology maps the iris and marks unique characteristics so that your ophthalmologist can pinpoint exactly what area of the eye must be corrected during laser vision correction. It is not uncommon for the eye to move during vision correction procedures, and iris registration prevents any additional mistakes from occurring as a result.

Don’t settle for mediocre LASIK. Trust your eyes to the LASIK leaders with a commitment to technology. Contact Berg·Feinfield Vision Correction today for your personal and complimentary eye care consultation.

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