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Crystalens FAQs

What makes Crystalens such a unique intraocular lens?

Because Crystalens allows recipients to focus clearly between near, far and middle distances, it offers a distinct advantage. Previous intraocular lens implants forced patients to choose which single vision they preferred, near or distance, forcing them to wear glasses or contacts to achieve a full range of clear vision. Crystalens allows patients to see better at all distances!

Will Crystalens allow me to have perfect vision?

The Crystalens procedure is designed to improve vision depending on a patient's refractive error. Although the majority of patients will achieve perfect (20/20) or near perfect (20/40) vision, there is no guarantee that the technique will provide unflawed results for everyone. Each person's eyes are uniquely different, and your doctor will consider a variety of factors before recommending this procedure. According to a recent Crystalens clinical trial, 98% of participants could pass a driver's test!

Will Crystalens improve my "middle vision."?

Your middle vision, or visual acuity at arm's length, should show marked improvements following the Crystalens procedure. Many patients are able to throw away trifocals, which were once needed to help achieve focus between distances. Crystalens offers automatic focusing power, mimicking the accommodation ability of your eye's natural lens.

Can Crystalens help me?

Dr. Berg or Dr. Feinfield will need to give you a thorough eye examination before this question can be answered. Because everyone's eyes are different, we cannot be certain that Crystalens will be an effective treatment until specialized measuring and eye evaluation is performed. Generally, good candidates are healthy, have healthy eyes free of disease, and have not had cataract surgery previously.

Do I need the Crystalens implant in both eyes?

Most patients with cataracts will see development in both eyes, so Crystalens is typically performed on both eyes. However, if only one eye shows signs of cataract development, you may opt to have only that eye treated. Even if treatment in both eyes is recommended, you will generally have one eye done at a time with a period of two to three weeks between procedures.

When will I see the benefits of improved vision?

You will be asked to have someone drive you home from surgery as it may take a few days to recover vision. Distance vision will clear in 1 – 2 days, with middle and near vision improving within 2 weeks. Your vision may not reach its full focusing power for a few months. Your doctor will inform you of what to expect and give you suggestions for strengthening the focusing power of your eyes. Although most Crystalens patients do not need vision aids once healing is complete, some patients may require glasses to achieve optimum visual acuity.

What are the side effects associated with Crystalens?

A very small number of Crystalens patients experience glare, diminished night vision, halos, or sensitivity to light. Many of these side effects are temporary, but there are effective ways to minimize these problems if and when they occur. Your doctor will discuss all risks and side effects with you during your eye consultation.

How long is the healing process after the Crystalens procedure?

Your eye will be sensitive following surgery, so it is important you follow your doctor's post-operative instructions. He will give you a timetable for when you can resume work and other activities, depending on your ability to heal quickly. Most patients are able to return to work, drive, and perform normal activities within a few days, with limitations on exercise, makeup wearing, lifting, sports, and any activities where eye contact is possible.

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