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cataractCataract formation is typical later in life as an unfortunate side effect of aging, affecting both men and women usually around the age of 65. Although not everyone will get cataracts, spending a lot of time in the sun, smoking, and other lifestyle factors may increase your chances.

A cataract is essentially a clouding of the eye's lens, and may cause a varying degree of vision obstruction. When cataracts become larger, they can obstruct the lens and interfere with the way your optic system processes light, creating a blurry view. Not all cataracts will cause vision disturbances - sometimes they cause only minor clouding and do not worsen. When the lens loses clarity due to a cataract, the only solution is to replace the lens through cataract surgery.

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During cataract surgery, you have several excellent choices of Intra Ocular Lenses (IOLs). An IOL is a replacement lens that is used to provide you with as much functionality of the lens being removed due to cataracts. Berg·Feinfield Vision Correction offers

A diagnosis of cataracts should not worry you too much. Incredible breakthroughs in cataract removal and lens replacement have helped many improve their vision significantly. An annual eye exam is crucial in the early diagnosis and treatment of cataracts, especially since cataracts may take years to form in some patients. Cataracts may also develop quite rapidly, and some patients with only small cataract formations choose to have cataract surgery before any obvious vision impairment occurs.

If you've already had your annual eye exam, but begin to notice some changes in your vision, schedule an eye evaluation right away. Patients with cataract formation may experience blurred vision, hazy vision, changes in colors, loss of contrast, impaired night vision, or poor distance vision.

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Don't let cataracts get the best of your vision. Schedule your annual eye exam and explore your cataract removal options. Call or email Berg·Feinfield Vision Correction.

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