How Does The Visian ICL Compare To LASIK?

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Many people who want to reduce their dependence on glasses or contacts turn to LASIK for vision correction. However, LASIK isn’t the only option for permanent vision correction.

There are alternative options like the advanced technology of the Visian ICL. Keep reading to learn how the Visian ICL compares to LASIK!


LASIK is a permanent laser vision correction surgery that can allow people to reduce their dependency on contact lenses and glasses. During the LASIK procedure, your LASIK surgeon uses a laser to reshape the cornea.

LASIK can correct your refractive error whether you have astigmatism or are nearsighted or farsighted. First, your LASIK surgeon will use numbing drops on your eye.

Next, they will use a laser to create a flap on the front surface of your cornea. Your cornea is the clear, round window at the front of the eye.

After making the flap, your LASIK surgeon will use another laser to reshape the cornea underneath the flap. The reshaping of the cornea allows the light coming into your eye to fall directly on the retina.

This reshaping corrects your refractive error and produces a clear image for you to see. Then, your LASIK surgeon will reposition the flap, and it will heal naturally on its own.

LASIK is a very effective procedure to improve vision with modern tools and equipment. LASIK also offers a quick recovery time.

Visian ICL

The Visian ICL is an implantable collamer lens that helps reduce dependency on contact lenses and glasses, similar to LASIK. The Visian ICL can be implanted to correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness and astigmatism.

The Visian ICL procedure is also relatively quick, lasting only about twenty to thirty minutes. First, your eye doctor will give you numbing drops for your eyes.

Then, they make a small incision in the cornea. After that, your eye doctor will insert the Visian ICL and position it correctly.

The incision will heal quickly without the need for stitches. Most people notice vision improvement right away and recover quickly, within a few days to weeks.

LASIK vs. Visian ICL

Both LASIK and Visian ICL procedures are minimally invasive. Although both offer short recovery times, the Visian ICL often has a quicker recovery time due to the time needed for the LASIK flap to heal.

LASIK can offer correction for those with all three refractive errors. However, the Visian ICL can only improve vision in those with nearsightedness or astigmatism.

If you are considering having a permanent vision correction procedure, your eye doctor will first require you to come in for a consultation. At this visit, they will determine if you are a good candidate for either procedure.

Your eye doctor will perform tests and measurements on your eyes during your consultation. Certain factors may make you a better candidate for one procedure over the other.

You may not be a good candidate for the LASIK procedure if you have thin corneas. In this case, your eye doctor may recommend other types of permanent vision correction, like the Visian ICL.

If you have chronic dry eye, your eye doctor may say that the Visian ICL procedure is a better fit for you. Since there is no flap needed to implant the Visian ICL, it may be a better option for those who are active or participate in sports.

If you qualify as a candidate for either procedure, it is best to consider the pros and cons of both options to help you decide which is best for you. You can discuss your options with your eye doctor, and they will work with you to determine which is best.

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