4 Tips To Calm Down Before LASIK

Young woman smiling after LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK surgery is more popular than ever. Modern advances in technology have made LASIK more accessible, safe, and effective.

Chances are, you might even know someone who’s already had LASIK. Maybe you’ve considered it for yourself.

But any surgery can be a little scary, even a minor procedure like LASIK. Before you have LASIK, you may be nervous.

But there are ways to ease your worries and go into LASIK relaxed, calm, and in control. Keep reading for 4 tips to calm down before LASIK!

1. Have an Honest Discussion with Your Doctor

The most important step in dealing with anxiety is knowledge. Knowing what to expect can do wonders for your mental state.

So talk to your doctor about any questions or concerns you have well before you have LASIK. Your doctor should have no problem walking you through what to expect. When you take away the unknowns, it’s a lot easier to feel comfortable about LASIK!

Keep in mind that while LASIK does involve a laser, it’s a painless procedure. You will be awake but your eyes will be numbed completely thanks to numbing eye drops.

There’s no need for injections! Some doctors even offer anti-anxiety medication to their patients.

This is a great way to help calm their nerves. Ask about what your surgeon can do to help if you think you’ll be especially nervous.

2. Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a wonderful stress-relieving technique for all kinds of situations. But it’s something you should have some experience with before you use it on the day of getting LASIK.

The most important aspect of deep breathing is breathing in and out at a consistent rate. Breathing too quickly can lead to hyperventilating, which is the opposite of what you want to do.

Try practicing by laying down. Then count the seconds as you breathe in, hold your breath, and breathe out.

There are videos online that explain different breathing techniques for relaxation. Try out a few techniques you can use when you’re getting ready for your procedure.

3. Listen to Music

It can be tough to stay calm when it gets closer to your surgery. On the day of, you may want to have some techniques to calm yourself while in the waiting room and surgery prep.

Besides practicing deep breathing, you can listen to music to distract yourself. Your surgeon may even allow you to listen to music during the procedure. Be sure to discuss it with them in advance to make sure!

4. Bring a Friend

Having someone with you is a great way to distract your mind while also having a shoulder to lean on. You’ll need a ride to and from your LASIK procedure.

You’re not allowed to drive yourself home after the procedure, after all! It’s a good idea to have a close relative or friend with you.

They can wait in the lobby with you and help you relax before the procedure. They’ll be there for you afterward to help you unwind.

LASIK doesn’t have to be scary. The procedure itself is far less complex than people realize. All you have to do to have the most comfortable experience is to stay relaxed!

Ready to stop being afraid of getting LASIK? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Berg Feinfield Vision Correction in South Pasadena, CA, and face your fears!