4 Signs It’s Time to Rethink Contact Lenses

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Contact lenses are great if you want to be able to see during the day without glasses. There are many different types of contacts, each with its benefits and drawbacks.

But contacts aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. Even after you get used to wearing them, they can still be annoying and frustrating.

But what’s the alternative, besides glasses? A vision correction procedure!

Vision correction procedures like LASIK give you the ability to see without contact lenses. Keep reading to learn about four signs that it’s time to rethink contact lenses.

You Hate Losing Your Contacts

No one likes losing their contacts, but how often does it happen to you? Everyone loses one sometimes.

It might be from an incredibly windy day or from just getting an eyelash stuck in your eye. It isn’t just about losing them when you’re wearing them, either.

You also have to keep track of them when they’re in their case. It’s just one more thing to forget when packing your bag, whether it’s for a long trip or just to bring to work. 

Even if you have dailies, it’s easy to misplace a few pairs and then not have enough left before your next shipment. If you’re done with the hassle of keeping track of your contacts, it’s time to put them away for good.

You Like To Stay Up Late

If you’re a night owl, chances are you’ve had to contend with the discomfort of having your contacts in too long. By the end of the day, your eyes are probably ready for a break.

But if you have evening plans, you don’t want to take them out and wear your glasses. Either you’re stuck wearing them longer, you wear your glasses out, or you go without glasses or contacts and walk around blind!

None of those options are great. You shouldn’t have to decide between convenience, comfort, and your nightlife.

Your Eyes Are Always Irritated

Contact lenses naturally dry out your eyes. Contact solution does help to prevent dryness.

But no matter how much contact solution you use, there will always be some degree of irritation. And the longer you have your contacts in, the more irritated your eyes will get. 

Wearing contact lenses also makes you more prone to eye infections. If you’ve ever had an eye infection, you know how miserable they can be!

Sure, you can always take a break from your contacts, but then you have to rely on your glasses. That defeats the whole point of wearing contacts in the first place!

You’re Done With Vision Aids in General

Glasses can be just as troublesome as contacts, if not more so. But contact lenses aren’t the best alternative.

Luckily, there is a way to see without visual aids. You can permanently correct your vision! Vision correction is more popular than ever because of minimally invasive procedures like SMILE and LASIK.

After the procedure, you’ll have true visual freedom. You won’t have to worry about glasses or contacts ever again!

If you’re tired of glasses and contacts, schedule an appointment at Berg and Feinfield Vision Correction in Burbank, CA, today! See which vision correction procedure is correct for you!