Which Premium Lens is Right For Me?

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Are you going to have cataract surgery soon? Are you wondering which premium IOL, or intraocular lens, you should choose?

The answer to this question depends on your lifestyle and vision goals. Keep reading to learn which premium lens may be right for you!


The ReSTOR IOL is a premium IOL option that corrects distance, intermediate, and near vision. This IOL can be an excellent option for people with presbyopia or those who have trouble focusing up close.

The ReSTOR IOL can reduce your dependence on contacts or glasses, whether trifocal, bifocal, or readers. Most patients can focus seamlessly between different vision ranges after having the ReSTOR IOL implanted.

Vivity Lens

The Vivity IOL is an extended depth of focus lens that uses X-Wave’s new, non-diffractive technology. With this technology, you will experience optimal vision in various lighting conditions, including bright and dim light.

The Vivity IOL’s unique diffractive technology will significantly reduce the amount of glare and visual disturbances you may experience. This lens also closely mimics your eye’s natural lens before a cataract formed.

The Vivity IOL will allow you to have crisp distance vision while also improving your intermediate and near vision. Some people will still require glasses while performing certain activities like reading or using the computer.


The Crystalens is a single-focus IOL that works with the muscles in your eyes for seamless focusing. This lens can dynamically adjust to your visual needs and allow you to see clearly at many ranges of focus.

After cataract surgery with the Crystalens, many patients will have more freedom from glasses or contacts. You may still need over-the-counter reading glasses for certain activities.

Tecnis Symfony

The Tecnis Symfony IOL is an extended range of vision lens. This lens can provide crisp vision at a distance while improving transition in focus to reading and intermediate vision.

Although you are still likely to need reading glasses for small print, the Symfony lens will improve your distance, near, and intermediate vision for most activities.

PanOptix Lens

The PanOptix IOL is a trifocal lens and the first and only one of its kind. This lens will correct your vision for clarity at all ranges, including distance, intermediate, and near.

With clear vision at all ranges of vision, your need for glasses will be significantly reduced. With the PanOptix lens, many people also experience brighter colors and less blurry zones.

Due to this, you will be able to see without straining to focus. You may still need glasses to see for certain activities, as with almost any lens.

Toric Lens

A toric lens is an IOL specifically designed to correct astigmatism. Toric lenses are custom-made to correct your specific amount of astigmatism.

Many premium lens models come in a toric IOL option to improve any visual symptoms caused by astigmatism. At your cataract evaluation, your eye doctor will measure your amount of astigmatism.

If you have a minimal amount of astigmatism, your eye doctor may say you do not need a toric lens. Your eye doctor can help you determine which premium IOL will best fit your vision goals and lifestyle.

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