What Is Custom LASIK

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Even if you’ve heard of LASIK surgery, you may not have heard of custom LASIK, or as it’s also known, Custom Wavefront LASIK. Custom LASIK is a more advanced procedure than traditional LASIK. Not every patient may be a good candidate for custom LASIK. The same goes for traditional LASIK. Want to learn more about custom LASIK? Just keep reading!

The Difference Between Custom & Traditional LASIK

Regular LASIK surgery involves reshaping your cornea to correct your vision. The surgeon does this with a laser that’s programmed to shape your eyes to your prescription. This is the same prescription that you have when you wear glasses. Traditional LASIK will only correct your vision to your prescription needs.

With custom wavefront LASIK, your surgeon creates a detailed map of your eye. This map is able to show what your unique prescription is.

When you get your prescription for glasses, it’s measured in increments of .25 diopters. A diopter is a unit that measures the refractive power of a lens. With the wave-front technology in custom LASIK, your unique prescription is measured in increments of .01 diopters! That’s up to 25 times more precise than the prescription used in your glasses! With more detailed measurements and mapping, the laser gets programmed precisely. When the laser is more precise, you often end up with 20/20 or better vision!

Benefits Of Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK guarantees at least 20/20 vision after the procedure– if not better! Over 70% of custom LASIK patients achieve better than 20/20 vision. Because of the precision of wavefront mapping, custom LASIK is tailored to your individual eyes. During custom LASIK, only minimal laser cuts are used.  The outcome of custom LASIK is usually superior to the outcome of traditional LASIK. It’s definitely something to consider!

Should I Get Custom LASIK?

Whether custom LASIK is right for you is up to your doctor and what your personal needs are. Even if you want custom LASIK, it may not be the best option for your vision.

Custom LASIK is more advanced than traditional LASIK. It doesn’t always mean there’s a difference between the procedures. Custom LASIK is a premium procedure. As a result, it is more expensive than traditional LASIK.

In many if not most cases, custom LASIK will result in the best possible results. If you want the best, consider making the investment.

Although LASIK seems like a lot of money, it is an investment. Even if you get custom LASIK, consider how much you spend on glasses and contacts. Since LASIK is permanent, custom or traditional LASIK will pay for itself.

It may take some time, but it is possible. Ask your doctor what your options are and discuss what’s right for you and your needs. If custom LASIK fits your needs, there’s no reason not to go for it!

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