Is LASIK Safe?

LASIK is a popular refractive eye surgery that has helped millions of people achieve freedom from glasses and contact lenses. But like any medical procedure, patients naturally have questions about whether LASIK is safe. 

Keep reading to learn how LASIK works, what makes it safe, and who is a good candidate for the procedure!

What is LASIK?

LASIK is a procedure that uses a laser to reshape the cornea, which is the clear front part of the eye that helps focus light. People choose to get LASIK to correct common vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

These conditions are caused by irregularities in the shape of the cornea or the eye that prevent light from focusing directly on the retina. LASIK aims to reshape the cornea to achieve proper focus.

This can allow people to see clearly without being dependent on glasses or contact lenses. Those who get LASIK often seek the convenience and freedom of waking up with clear vision.

No more fumbling for eyeglasses or having to insert contacts every morning. Athletes and active people choose LASIK so they can participate in sports without lenses or glasses getting in the way.

LASIK also offers cosmetic benefits for those who want to look and feel their best without eyewear.

What Happens During LASIK?

Before the procedure, your LASIK surgeon will numb the surface of your eye with eye drops to ensure you are more comfortable. During LASIK, your LASIK creates a thin flap in the cornea, folds it back, and then removes a predetermined amount of corneal tissue underneath using an excimer laser.

The outer corneal flap is then laid back into place, where it heals naturally within a few days. This alters the cornea’s curvature and corrects common vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

The procedure takes ten to twenty minutes per eye and is one of the most common laser vision correction procedures.

What Makes LASIK Safe?

When performed by an experienced LASIK surgeon, like those at Berg Feinfield, complications are rare. Safety begins with an extensive preoperative exam to determine if you are healthy enough for LASIK.

The flap creation and excimer laser used today are highly precise technologies, and your eye’s position is tracked throughout treatment. 

Is LASIK Right For Everyone?

The best candidates for LASIK are healthy adults over eighteen with stable vision who expect improvements in their quality of life from freeing themselves of glasses or contacts. Issues that may disqualify you include uncontrolled diabetes, autoimmune disease, dry eyes, thin corneas, and cataracts.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding delay the procedure. Your eye doctor at Berg Feinfield will conduct testing to determine if your eyes and health make you a good LASIK candidate.

Modern LASIK is a safe, effective procedure to correct vision when performed by a qualified surgeon. By understanding how it works and the risks involved, you can decide if LASIK is right for you based on a consultation with your ophthalmologist.

While not without risks, LASIK continues to help many people see clearly!

Are you interested in learning more about LASIK or determining if you are a good candidate for the procedure? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Berg Feinfield Vision Correction in Beverly Hills, CA, today!