How To Recover From Cataract Surgery

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Cataract surgery is a very common and safe procedure. But it still means that you’ll need to spend time allowing your eyes to recover. It’s important to care for yourself properly after cataract surgery so your eyes heal.

During surgery, a small incision is made in the eye. This incision is then left to heal on its own without sutures. The eye is self-healing, making this the most effective method. While your eye is healing, you have to make sure nothing gets in your eye.

After cataract surgery, your eyes will be more likely to get infected. Worried about cataract surgery? Keep reading to learn some things to keep in mind while you’re recovering!

Don’t Drive

On the day of your surgery and the day after, do not drive yourself. This is to let the effects of anesthesia completely wear off and also give your eyes some rest.

The first couple days after surgery, your eyes may be sensitive to light, so driving can be difficult. It’s best to wait to drive until your eye doctor has cleared you.

Above all, don’t drive if you don’t feel comfortable! It may take several days before you feel confident behind the wheel.

Limit Physical Activity

The first few weeks after surgery, you should avoid any kind of strenuous activity. If you perform activities that are too physical, you run the risk of bumping into something.

If you injure your eye while it is still healing, you could suffer from serious complications. Use your recovery time to take it easy and give your body time to heal, inside and out. If there are activities that need to completed, ask a family member or friend for help.

Avoid Eye Irritants

Make sure you keep your eyes away from anything that can get in them, including water. When showering, avoid getting water near your eyes. Did you know that water can carry bacteria? If you accidentally get water in your eyes, you could get an infection.

When outside, be sure to wear sunglasses, and when you sleep your doctor may want you to wear an eye shield. The most crucial thing to remember is do not rub your eyes!

By rubbing your eyes, you could introduce bacteria into them and get an infection. The key while recovering from cataract surgery is to be extra careful. After all, you’re better off safe than sorry!

Use Eye Drops

Take eye drops on a regular basis to prevent infection. Your doctor will give you anti-inflammatory or antibiotic drops to use after surgery. Make sure you use them as prescribed. Missing a dosage or two can leave your eyes at greater risk for infection, so stick to a consistent schedule.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Whatever your doctor tells you to do after surgery, you should follow their advice. They will be able to tell you when you can get back to regular activity and when you can stop taking eye drops.

Each patient is different, so make sure to follow up regularly with your doctor after surgery. This will help your doctor see if your eyes are healing properly.  If there are complications, having regular appointments with your eye doctor will help.

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