How the Best Cataract Surgeon Can Change Your Life in Burbank

If you’ve been living with cataracts long enough for them to affect your vision, you are putting up with vision problems that are a simple fix. During cataract surgery, your aging and cloudy natural lens will be removed and replaced with an IOL.

It’s easy same-day surgery with a quick recovery time and can change your life. Keep reading to learn how the best cataract surgeon can change your life in Burbank!

Get Back to Living

Cataract surgery will offer you a significant quality of life improvement. If you are interested in experiencing reduced dependency on glasses after the procedure, it’s best to choose a premium IOL.

With multifocal capabilities, a premium IOL can allow you to enjoy clear distance and intermediate vision, and functional close vision. If you’re on the fence, consider how your life will change in Burbank.

Return to Real Books

Maybe you’ve been a lifelong reader and have an extensive collection of paperback books and hardcover novels because they feel more real in your hands. But in recent years, you’ve given them up for an e-reader because that way, you can make the print large.

After cataract surgery, you can return to paper and words on the printed page because your sight will be brighter and sharper. If you choose a standard IOL, you may still need reading glasses.

However, by choosing a premium IOL, you may be able to experience greater independence from your reading glasses. Either way, it’ll be fantastic to resume the enjoyable activity of reading at the end of a busy day.

Take Up the Hobbies You’ve Put Aside

Have you given up going to Stitch Night at your favorite yarn shop because of eye strain when you knit or crochet? Is machine sewing an activity made that much harder because it’s almost impossible to thread the needle? 

Have you stopped asking for model kits from your grandkids because assembling, gluing, and painting require too much close-up work? The hobbies you used to enjoy may have slipped away from you as your cataracts have worsened.

However, once you recover from cataract surgery, you’ll have renewed interest in the things you loved but laid aside because of vision problems. 

Dive Deep Into the Pool or Bodysurf the Waves 

There’s nothing better than a swim on a hot day. However, if you’ve been worried about not seeing clearly, or leaving your glasses somewhere where they might get taken, you may have avoided this activity recently. 

Cataract surgery and a new IOL can restore your vision and confidence in being spontaneous and more adventurous. Your poor vision will no longer be a hindrance, and the world will be brighter.

Don’t Worry About Night Driving 

One of the most frustrating symptoms of cataracts is visual disturbances like glare, light sensitivity, halos, and difficulty seeing while night driving. For these reasons, many individuals with cataracts choose to cut back on night driving.

This can make the world feel smaller and make you feel isolated. After cataract surgery, all those unwanted symptoms will be reduced, and you can go back to nighttime activities without those driving concerns. 

This fall, get back to the life you’ve put on hold because of cataracts! 

Are you ready to see how life after cataract surgery is brighter and better? Schedule a cataract evaluation at Berg Feinfield Vision Correction in Burbank, CA, today!