How Long is the LASIK Surgery Recovery Time?

Like any other surgery, LASIK requires some recovery time. Fortunately, most LASIK patients experience relatively quick and easy recovery times, with few, if any, side effects!

Recovery after LASIK surgery varies from person to person. Keep reading to learn what you can typically expect for a recovery time from LASIK!

The First Few Hours After LASIK

Immediately after LASIK surgery, it’s normal to experience some discomfort, such as burning, itching, or a sensation like there’s something in your eye. These symptoms usually subside within a few hours.

Your vision may be blurry or hazy, and your eyes may be watery. It’s important to rest your eyes and avoid activities that can strain them, like reading or using electronic devices. 

You should do all you can to avoid anything from touching your eye area. You may also be given protective shields to wear over your eyes to prevent accidental rubbing and to protect them while you sleep. 

First Day After LASIK

Most LASIK patients experience a noticeable improvement in their vision within just twenty-four hours after the procedure. It’s important to closely follow your eye surgeon’s post-operative instructions to prevent infection and inflammation and to keep your eyes lubricated. 

First Week After LASIK

Over the next two to seven days, your vision should continue to improve. Many patients feel comfortable returning to work and resuming normal activities within one to two days after surgery.

You should continue using the prescribed eye drops as directed to promote healing and ensure eye comfort. To reduce the risk of infection, avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, and getting water directly into your eye.

When outdoors, you should wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from bright light and UV exposure. You may be more sensitive than usual to bright lights and glare for a few weeks after LASIK surgery.

First Month After LASIK

By the end of the first month after LASIK surgery, most patients see significant improvements in the quality of their vision, often reaching near-optimal clarity. After about two weeks to a month, you can gradually return to activities like swimming or using hot tubs, as long as your eye surgeon has cleared you to do so.

You should avoid any activities, like contact sports, that might risk eye trauma.

Long-Term Recovery after LASIK

While most healing occurs within the first few weeks, complete stabilization of vision can take several months. You may continue to experience subtle changes in your vision as your eyes fully heal.

By six months following your LASIK surgery, your vision should be stable and any lingering side effects, like dry eyes or night glare, should have improved or be gone. You can address any persistent eye health or vision issues with your eye surgeon at follow-up appointments.

Once you fully recover from LASIK surgery, all that’s left to do is enjoy the clarity of your newly corrected vision! It’s likely you’ll be one of the 96% of all LASIK patients who report the highest level of satisfaction with the surgery and its outcome.

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