How Do You Know If You’re a Good Fit For Eyelid Surgery?

woman applying eyelash makeup

Eyelid surgery is a popular cosmetic surgery as it can reduce the appearance of sagging eyelids and skin and make you look younger. It can also have medical benefits by improving your vision, especially if you have ptosis. 

To have eyelid surgery to treat low-lying eyelids or extra skin on your eyelids, you will first have to qualify as a candidate. The only way to know if you’re a candidate is to have a consultation with your eye doctor. 

Keep reading to learn if you may be a good fit for eyelid surgery!

Ptosis and Drooping Eyelids

Ptosis is an eye condition that causes the eyelids to droop. Often, this is due to muscle weakness and lack of muscle elasticity.

It can affect anyone of any age. When the upper eyelid droops, it can affect a person’s vision, limiting their visual field since the drooping skin is in the way. 

In these instances, surgery may be deemed medically necessary to fully restore a person’s vision. Sometimes the eyelids droop not because of loss of muscle elasticity but simply as a side effect of aging. 

As we get older, our skin and muscles lose elasticity. When our skin loses elasticity, it can cause wrinkles and sag in the skin, including the eyelids. 

Both the lower and upper eyelids may droop, causing vision problems or baggy eyes that may make you appear tired. Eyelid surgery can tighten droopy eyelids whether you have ptosis or droopy eyes due to aging.

Even when not deemed medically necessary, eyelid surgery can make you appear less tired and more youthful by reducing the appearance of these symptoms.


To improve the symptoms of ptosis and sagging eyelids, eye doctors perform a procedure called a blepharoplasty. The procedure is often an outpatient surgery, meaning you can go home the same day they have surgery.

During surgery, your oculoplastic surgeon will tighten the muscles in the eyelids or remove excess skin to prevent drooping. In order to hide scarring, your eye doctor will make the incisions in the eyelids along natural creases.

Next, they will then remove excess tissue or tighten the eyelid muscles. Your eye surgeon can perform the blepharoplasty procedure on the lower and upper eyelids.

This procedure is low-risk. Many people are good candidates for the procedure, but there are some things that may disqualify you.

Blepharoplasty Candidates

To have a blepharoplasty, you should be in good general health. Your eye surgeon may not qualify you as a candidate for the procedure if you have hypertension, thyroid disease, or dry eye syndrome. 

You also should have reasonable expectations for the procedure. Keep in mind that a blepharoplasty doesn’t get rid of dark circles, but it will significantly reduce the appearance of drooping or saggy eyelids.

During your consultation, your eye doctor will thoroughly examine your eyes. Your eye doctor will also discuss the procedure and will want to know your goals for the procedure. 

Your eye doctor may ask you to perform a visual field test to determine if the drooping of your eyelids is interfering with your vision. 

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