Is Blepharoplasty The Answer For Saggy Eyelids?

close up shot of a womans blue eyes

Saggy eyelids can happen for many reasons. While they are often due to getting older, they can also be because of ptosis.

This occurs when the upper eyelid becomes droopy. They can also be due to trauma or an underlying condition. But whatever the cause, they can be a little frustrating.

Cosmetically, they may make you look or even feel older and more tired than you are. They can also limit your field of vision.

Luckily, there is something you can do about saggy eyelids. Keep reading to find out if you should get a blepharoplasty!

Reasons to Get a Blepharoplasty

A blepharoplasty is a minor cosmetic surgery that fixes saggy eyelids. This is usually by removing excess tissue.

The procedure can be done to correct droopy upper or lower eyelids. While the procedure is often seen as being solely for cosmetic purposes, it has others.

It can actually repair your vision by fixing droopy upper eyelids limiting your visual field. But helping you look and feel younger and more confident is a legitimate reason to get a blepharoplasty.

The Procedure

A blepharoplasty is an outpatient procedure, meaning you get to go home the day of the procedure and don’t need to stay at the hospital during recovery. In fact, the procedure is often performed at an ophthalmology center.

Unless the procedure is paired with a more intensive cosmetic surgery, it’s also performed without general anesthesia. Your surgeon will simply inject a numbing agent into the skin and administer medication to help you relax.

During the procedure, the surgeon can work on both the upper and lower eyelids. They’ll start with the upper eyelids, making an incision and removing excess tissue before closing the incision.

They’ll then do the same with the lower eyelid. You can have blepharoplasty on both eyelids during the procedure, but you may only need one or the other.

Either way, after your blepharoplasty is over, you’ll spend some time in a recovery room. After a short period of time, you’ll be able to leave with whoever you’ve arranged to drive you home.

Expectations and Risk

Before deciding to have any surgery, it’s important to know the risks involved and make sure you have the right expectations going in. After surgery, there will be a recovery period.

During that time, your eyes may appear bruised and feel uncomfortable. Proper care will ensure an easy healing process, provided you follow your doctor’s instructions.

This will likely involve regularly using ice packs on your eyes and eye drops and ointments to promote healing. There are risks involved in any surgery, and blepharoplasty is no exception.

You can reduce these risks with proper preoperative screening and post-operative care. Before you can have the procedure, your doctor will assess you thoroughly to ensure it will be as safe as possible.

They may find that blepharoplasty isn’t for you, although if you’re in good health, you’ll probably be a good candidate for surgery. If you are a good candidate, be sure to discuss any questions or concerns with your doctor before deciding to have surgery.

Sick and tired of looking older than you are? A blepharoplasty may be able to help! Schedule an appointment at Berg Feinfield Vision in Burbank, CA to learn more!