7 Quick Tips For LASIK Recovery

LASIK surgery can be life changing. If you have glasses or contacts to see for most of your life, LASIK can give you a brand new view of the world.
The surgery is also simple and painless but there is some time needed for recovery. The better you treat your eyes during recovery, the faster they’ll be able to heal.

Want to have the best LASIK recovery possible? Here are a few tips for caring for your eyes right after LASIK!

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Wear Eye Shields At Night

Your doctor will send you home with eye shields. They’re for keeping your eyes protected from dust and debris. They also keep your eyes protected at night from rubbing against your pillow.

You should wear your eye shields for at least five nights after surgery. If you allow pets or children in your bed, use them for at least ten nights.

Wearing eye shields is the easiest way to make sure your eyes aren’t exposed to debris or particles in the air.

Avoid Getting Anything In Your Eyes

After LASIK, your eyes will be more sensitive than normal. Getting dust or debris in them can be dangerous. Did you know that the same goes for soap and water?

Getting water in your eyes could cause an infection, since water can carry bacteria.

Be extra careful while showering, at least in the first week after LASIK. You should avoid any kind of water, including lakes or the ocean.

Swimming should be avoided until your doctor gives you the okay.

Don’t Wear Makeup

Eye makeup and eyes recovering from LASIK don’t mix. Don’t wear any makeup for at least a week. You can wear makeup that isn’t near your eyes, like concealer or lipstick.

Once you are able to wear makeup again, you should buy new eye makeup.

This includes eye shadows, mascara, eye liner, or anything that touches the eyes. Your old eye makeup may carry bacteria that could lead to an infection.

Don’t Go Swimming

Skip the pool and hot tub for at least two weeks after surgery. Chlorinated water is especially dangerous to get near your eyes while you’re healing.

Do yourself a favor and don’t get in the water, even if you keep your head above the surface. Like all other water sources, even chlorinated pool water can carry bacteria!

Go Easy On Exercise

You can exercise about a week after surgery. If you play contact sports like football or rugby, refrain from playing them. Your eye doctor will tell you when you can play them again, but it’s usually about a month.

After this point, your eyes should be healed enough to handle normal contact sports. For other sports, be sure to wear protective eye wear.

Getting hit in the face or head could damage the delicate flaps created during LASIK.

Don’t Rub Your Eyes

Never rub your eyes for any reason. This is a good rule of thumb even if you aren’t recovering from LASIK, but it’s especially important after surgery.

You can get bacteria in your eye or dislocate your corneal flap which can cause issues. Resist the urge to rub when your eyes itch! Instead, use lubricating drops, which your doctor will give you after surgery.

Call Your Doctor If You Have Persistent Pain

Recovering from LASIK can be a little uncomfortable at first, but it shouldn’t be painful. If you find your eyes still hurt after the first few days, you should call your doctor right away.

You may have a complication. Early intervention can prevent permanent damage and helps with healing.

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