Do I Really Need Cataract Surgery?

Elderly Woman Driving

Cataracts affect a large percentage of adults over the age of 40. Many of these people may have cataracts and don’t even notice it at first.

But if you find it difficult to see, your doctor may recommend cataract surgery. It is an elective procedure, so you may be wondering if it’s completely necessary.

The truth is, it’s the most effective treatment for cataracts. It’s also the only way to restore your vision. Keep reading to learn more about treating cataracts and when to have surgery!

Is There an Alternative Treatment?

There is no way to fully treat cataracts besides having cataract surgery. Cataract surgery only becomes necessary if cataracts impact your vision.

Even if you have cataracts, you may not need treatment. Some people with cataracts never experience symptoms severe enough to warrant surgery.

Since cataracts develop over time, there are people who never develop cataract symptoms. If you have cataracts that aren’t harming your vision, there’s no need to get them treated.

But when your doctor recommends surgery, that means your cataracts affect your vision.

Severity of Symptoms

For many people, they may not notice having cataracts at first. Common symptoms include blurry vision, light sensitivity, and poor night vision.

These symptoms may even be present without the patient noticing. Often, blurry vision may be mistaken for presbyopia. This is also associated with getting older.

The difference is, stronger glasses won’t improve your vision if it’s because of cataracts.

When cataract symptoms become obvious and severe, it’s a good time to consider surgery.

Quality of Life

Doctors recommend cataract surgery when cataracts affect the patient’s quality of life. This means that if you can’t see well enough to perform everyday tasks as normal, you should get surgery.

Cataracts may develop slowly enough to never be a problem. This is why cataract surgery isn’t always recommended at diagnosis.

But left untreated, they can get much worse. You can even go blind if your cataracts get more and more opaque.

The good news is, blindness by cataracts is reversible when you get cataract surgery. But you don’t want to wait until you’ve gone blind to get treated!

It’s much easier to get surgery at the point that your cataracts start to cause you trouble when completing tasks. It’s also helpful to get frequent eye exams so you can be diagnosed with cataracts as early as possible.

That way, your doctor can watch their progression and recommend treatment. If you do need cataract surgery, know that there’s nothing to be afraid of!

It’s one of the most common procedures performed around the world. If you have questions or concerns, talk to your doctor. They can answer any of your questions and set your mind at ease.

Think it’s time for you or a loved one to get cataract surgery? Contact Berg Feinfield in Sherman Oaks, CA to schedule a cataract screening! Don’t let your diminished vision from cataracts stand in your way of clear vision any longer! Isn’t it time to see the world with the clarity you’ve been waiting for?