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What is Glaucoma

Glaucoma, often called the silent thief of sight, is a disease of the optic nerve which has little or no symptoms. The eye needs a healthy optic nerve in order for a person to see. It is the optic nerve that relays images and information to the brain. If the disease is not caught and treated in time, blindness may occur due to optic nerve damage. It is estimated that up to half the people affected with glaucoma are unaware of it. However, it is easily diagnosed with a routine ophthalmic exam. Glaucoma as of yet, has no cure and loss of vision cannot be reversed. Treatment of the disease can and will stop it from progressing. Since this is a chronic disease, monitoring must be maintained for life.

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Glaucoma is divided into two broad categories based on the anatomy of the angle where the trabecular meshwork is found. They are open-angle and closed-angle.

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