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Cosmetic Eye Surgery FAQs

What is cosmetic surgery of the eyelids?

Cosmetic eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, removes excess skin, muscle, and fat from around the eyes for a youthful contour. Any sagging or wrinkling of the eyelid skin is eliminated. Read more about blepharoplasty

What will blepharoplasty not correct?

Eyelid surgery cannot remove crow's feet or similar wrinkles, sagging eyebrows, or dark circles below the eyes.

How do the eyes reveal aging changes?

The eyelid skin and skin surrounding the eyes is relatively thin and delicate, and often reflects aging quicker than other areas. As you age, the elasticity of this skin is reduced, causing your eyelids to droop, sag, or wrinkle. As you age, your eyes may reflect a tired or fatigued appearance, even at the peak of energy. Fat deposits around your eyes may add to a sunken appearance, and weakening of your skin's fascia may lead to bags, eyelid malposition, and other unwanted changes. Cosmetic eye surgery is designed to minimize the effects of aging for a more youthful appearance.

Will the blepharoplasty procedure leave noticeable scars?

Although some scarring is inevitable following the use of incisions, the doctor will create your incisions in the natural folds of the eyelids so they are well hidden.

Is cosmetic eye surgery covered by my health plan?

In general, most elective surgeries are not covered by health insurance. However, if cosmetic eye surgery is recommended for minimization of drooping skin that is obstructing vision, or a similar functional purpose, your insurance policy may pay a portion of the cost. The financial coordinator at Berg·Feinfield Vision Correction can let you know if blepharoplasty might be covered under your current plan.

Am I a good candidate for a blepharoplasty?

After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Feinfield will be able to tell you if this procedure can produce the results you're looking for. Good blepharoplasty candidates should be generally healthy and have realistic expectations. There are certain conditions, such as high blood pressure, that may increase your potential risks during surgery, so it is important to notify your doctor of any current or past health conditions.

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