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Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery has helped millions of cataract sufferers escape from cloudy vision. Using safe and effective techniques, patients can have their natural, cloudy lenses removed in this minimally invasive, outpatient procedure.

cataract surgery

An improvement from traditional cataract surgery where the lens is removed, new methods allow doctors to implant synthetic lenses in replacement of the extracted lens that can improve pre-existing vision problems as well. These new lenses, termed IOLs, can correct varying degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism to give some patients not only freedom from cataract-affected vision, but freedom from glasses and contacts as well.

Depending on the severity of your cataracts and your unique vision characteristics, benefits of cataract surgery will be determined. Dr. Berg or Dr. Feinfield will let you know which variation of cataract surgery will suit you best, and discuss the various types of IOLs available for vision improvement.

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After a local anesthetic is administered, your doctor will create a small incision and gently remove the cataract material using ultrasound technology. The ReSTOR lens, Crystalens, and ReZoom Lens are three popular types if intraocular lenses that may be placed during cataract surgery to improve vision. Your incision will be allowed to heal without need for stitch removal. We also offer a variation that does not involve stitches. Typically, if both eyes are affected, only one eye at a time is treated.

Your cataract surgeon will give you healing eye drops and instruct you on post-operative recuperation. You may experience mild light sensitivity and swelling, but wearing sunglasses and over the counter pain relievers will help with any post-operative discomfort. In no time you will be enjoying life, completely cataract-free!

Learn more about cataract surgery in our FAQ section. Find an experienced and caring Los Angeles cataract surgeon right in your backyard. Contact the eye care professionals at Berg·Feinfield Vision Correction for your personal consultation.

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