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Can Diet Make You a Better LASIK Candidate?

Most people who get screened for LASIK qualify for surgery. Only about 15% get screened out after getting evaluated. There are several reasons you may not qualify for LASIK. This could include your age, prescription, or the thickness of your corneas. But can you become a better candidate by eating differently? Maybe, but only in… Read More

6 Tips For Your Best LASIK Recovery

LASIK is an extremely safe and low-risk procedure to undergo. In recent years, advances in technology have made it easier for surgeons and patients. But even when the procedure is quick and painless, many patients worry about how to recover from it. How long will it take? How painful will it be? How likely is… Read More

Why Contacts Cause Environmental Damage

A lot of people are conscious of how they handle their trash and waste products. Recycling has become more popular recently. This is especially true when it comes to aluminum, glass, cardboard, and plastic. Plastic can be tricky to recycle and there are some plastics that aren’t welcome in most recycling bins. There are also… Read More

Is LASIK as Safe as Doctors Claim?

LASIK sounds like it could be a surgery of the future. A laser used to change the shape of your eye to fix your vision? It’s a little far-out. But LASIK is very much a modern technological advancement. In fact, the procedure is almost 25 years old now. There’s very little that’s new or experimental… Read More

Do I Really Need Cataract Surgery?

Cataracts affect a large percentage of adults over the age of 40. Many of these people may have cataracts and don’t even notice it at first. But if you find it difficult to see, your doctor may recommend cataract surgery. It is an elective procedure, so you may be wondering if it’s completely necessary. The… Read More